Vapor 55

The Vapor 55 UAV Helicopter combines the world’s most advanced autopilot with an FAA-compliant military grade unmanned helicopter for commercial, research and security applications. The Vapor 55 is a single-rotor unmanned aerial system.

The Vapor 55 carries a 12 lb., front mounted sensor for up to 60 minutes on a single charge. Larger payloads can also be carried. It utilizes automatic rotor speed calibration for altitudes from sea level to over 10,000ft AMSL. The Vapor 55 was conceived to provide unprecedented ease of use for commercial, industrial, and security applications requiring larger payload suites below a 55 lb. gross takeoff weight. It is well suited for tactical use due to the system’s small footprint, superior reliability, and safety in real-life environments without modification to the vehicle. It can carry sensor payloads up to 24 lbs.

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  • Industry leading safety features (automatic autorotation, smart autohome functions, etc.)
  • Precision full-authority automatic flight control system
  • Easy to operate
  • Touchscreen compatible ground control
  • Automatic rotor speed calibration for altitudes
  • High flight time even with large payloads
  • Increased performance in windy environments

VAPOR Base Package

The Pulse Aerospace VAPOR Unmanned Aircraft System includes all of the components necessary to get you flying today, including:

VAPOR UAV: Vapor Unmanned Air Vehicle includes: Fully functional UAS Helicopter and Handheld Control Unit.

Rugged Shipping Case: Durable case with custom fitted foam inserts and easy glide wheels. Transport made simple.

Ground Control Station: Laptop with ground control station software and transceiver packaged in a rugged enclosure.

Battery Charging Station: Battery charging station including power supply, charger, power leads, and rugged enclosure. Will charge batteries in less than 1 hour.

VAPOR Spare Parts Kit: Package includes landing gear, blade set, spare fasteners, high-wear structural components and tool set.

Long Endurance Battery Set: Two sets of long endurance batteries. Each set provides one hour of flight.

Vapor Spare Parts Kit: Package includes landing gear, blade set, spare fasteners, high-wear structural components and tool set.

3-Day Vapor Training and Certification: This training will give you the skills to fly the Vapor with both the Ground Control Station and the handheld control unit. Flight training for two pilots per units purchased. (Not including travel, lodging, or expenses).

VAPOR Helicopter UAS Packages

The VAPOR UAS can be customized in a number of ways. The following represent packages that are customized to specific applications in SecurityGeospatial Applications (Mapping), and Research and Development.



Close Air Support

The PA-01 Vapor Close Air Support Package includes all necessary components for successful implementation in aerial surveillance applications. This includes:

  • VAPOR Base Package: (Everything shown above.)
  • EO/IR Camera Gimbal: A fully stabilized (electrically and inertially) camera gimbal with options for Electro-Optical (Sony Block) and Infrared sensors (FLIR Tau 2 640). If you have a COTS camera gimbal preference, we can work with you to perform a custom integration.
  • Payload Control Station: Laptop for controlling Pan/tilt/zoom and camera functions. Fully encrypted 256-bit, high bandwidth, Ethernet based digital data link.




The PA-01 Vapor Geospatial Package includes all necessary components for successful implementation in aerial mapping and photography. This system will automatically take aerial images as the aircraft flies a mission and record GPS position and helicopter attitude angles resulting in a quilt of geo-referenced pictures that can be fed into a variety of mapping applications. This includes:

  • VAPOR Base Package: (Everything shown above.)
  • High Resolution Camera: Nadir mounted DSLR camera for aerial photography and geospatial mapping applications.
  • Automatic Camera Trigger Functionality:Automatic camera trigger functionality is included in the GCS software such that you specify the field of view of the camera, and required overlap percentage. The flight control system will then trigger the camera based on GPS positions to produce the desired overlap.



Research & Development

The PA-01 Vapor Internal Research and Development Package is ideal for universities and/or anyone looking for a custom payload integration.

  • VAPOR Base Package: (Everything shown above.)
  • Custom Payload Mount: Pulse will provide the CAD models (2D or 3D) for the payload mounting locations for the purpose of mounting customer furnished equipment.
  • Flight Control System API: Pulse will provide a control and telemetry port on the flight control system along with the API to interface with this port. This will allow users to access the flight control system telemetry (rates, angles, position, etc.) as well as feed velocity commands to the autopilot. This will allow users to use an external computer to run custom navigation loops via high-level velocity commands, while inner-loop stability is maintained by the flight control system.


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