Robinson R44

The Robinson R44 is powered by a single 6-cylinder piston engine and is the world’s most popular and economical four-seater helicopter.

The first deliveries of the R44 took place in 1993 and over 6000 have been built. In 1998 the first R44 “Newscopter” with advanced electronic news-gathering equipment was delivered. In the early 2000s Robinson produced an upgraded R44 called the Raven 2 with a more powerful fuel-injected engine and they are still in production today.

Our R44s are available to carry 3 passengers and we use them extensively for scenic flights, lunch tours, customised charters and
training. They are a great aircraft and a very cost-effective way of enjoying the experience of helicopter flying.

Make: Robinson

Model: R44

Cruising speed: 100 Knots

Capacity: 3 Passengers, plus Pilot

Engine: Lycoming O-540-F1B5 - (Piston)

Lift Capacity: 1.1 tonnes