Robinson R22

The Robinson R22 is an economical two-seater aircraft powered by a single 4-cylinder piston engine that has been in production since 1979.

Almost 5000 have been built and a 4 seat (R44) and 5 seat (R66) variant are based on the same design. It is widely used for cattle mustering across Australia and in the USA and is very popular as a training aircraft and with private owners.

Our R22 is available for one-passenger flights and for training. It can carry up to 3 hours of fuel giving it a range of 240 nautical miles.

Make: Robinson

Model: R22

Cruising speed: 80 Knots

Capacity: 1 Passenger, plus Pilot

Engine: Lycoming O-360 - (Piston)

Lift Capacity: 622 Kgs