Aérospatiale AS350

The ‘AS350’ known for its high-altitude performance and is used for a wide spread use across the world. It was first developed in France and introduced in 1975 by French Company Aérospatiale, later changing hands to companies ‘Eurocopter’ and ‘Airbus’. The ‘AS350’ performs a wide range of operations, such as Law Enforcement, and Emergency Services.

The AS350 helicopter is also use in many defence agencies across the world, including Brazilian Air Force, and Pakistan Army Aviation. Since 1984 the Royal Australian Navy’s has operated a fleet of AS350. In 1974, the first prototype AS350 conducted its maiden flight in France, later receiving it certification in 1977. In 2005 the AS350 touched down on the top of Mount Everest, at 29,030ft. Over 7,000 individual AS350 helicopters have been built to date, resulting in extremely safe operations and has become a favourite among many aviation fanatic.

Our AS350 is a 6-place helicopter. With over 3 hours of fuel and a range of 389 nautical miles, the As350 is ideal for any Scenic Flights or Charter enquires, and can be fully equipped for a wide range of Utility or Training Operations.

Make: Aérospatiale

Model: AS350BA

Cruising speed: 120 Knots

Capacity: 5 Passengers, plus Pilot

Engine: Lycoming LTS-101-600-A3A - (Turbine)

Lift Capacity: 2,100 KGS