Bell 206 Jet Ranger

The ‘Jetty’ is a favourite of many aviators and is the helicopter that made history back in 1983 when Dick Smith completed the first solo around the world helicopter flight in 260 hours of flight time.

The ‘Jetty’ was originally designed in 1960 for the United States Navy for observation roles winning a competition against 25 other aviation manufacturers for the role. Bell has developed a number of variants since then including the LongRanger, Bell 407 and 505. Bell ended production of the JetRanger in 2010 after building over 7000 of them.

The Jet Ranger is used extensively for news gathering as well as being a very capable aircraft for utility roles such as underslung load lifting and training.

Our Jet Ranger is configured for carrying 4 passengers and is available for scenic flights and charters as well as utility and training. It can carry up to 3 hours of fuel and has a range of 300 nautical miles.

Make: Bell

Model: Jet Ranger

Cruising speed: 100 Knots

Capacity: 4 Passengers, plus pilot

Engine: Allison 250-C20B - (Turbine)

Lift Capacity: 1521 Kg